Affiliate Marketing Tips Beginners

Affiliate Marketing can be hard work, but in this post I am going to show you (for free) the little things I have learned so far to make your business as efficient as possible. As i am fairly new to this these will only be affiliate marketing tips for beginners, but should make a noticeable difference in getting your business noticed.

Get a Website

This step should be fairly obvious, if you have a website on something like Siterubix or even better your own domain, this can provide the platform to get your content and affiliate links out there to potentially millions of clients. The better the website the better the results.

The content you make on this website can also be used to share on to other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc without needing to create new content, it can be the central hub of where your work goes.

How to Make Your Website Stand Out

To make a lot of money from affiliate marketing or even most businesses in general, a high traffic website will be extremely beneficial. This means you will need to stand out over the competition to get a high enough amount of traffic.

Google My Business

One of the ways I have found to give yourself an advantage is to sign up for Google My Business and include relevant information about your business, although if that business is solely affiliate marketing this may be slightly more difficult.

Another way is creating “rich cards” These pop up in the search results in google but unlike the normal results just shown in text, these appear like cards with an image as well, this looks much better and works well with mobile devices which obviously are becoming more and more popular. Another thing to think on that is how powerful images are themselves, a lot of people are visual learners or would become more interested in your result simply as it had an image as they would take notice of this first over a normal result in only text.


Easy navigation of your website. This helps your website as the users may come to it through a link that takes them to a page/post that doesn’t feature the product or affiliate link that your create your commission from. Many people will quickly leave the website if it isn’t clear on how to get to what they are interested in or if the page they arrive on isn’t relevant to their interests. Another effect of this is good SEO but I will cover that later.

Search Tool

Use of a search tool, this is basically the same as having a clear, easy to navigate website. This helps the user find what they want easier and to stay on your website. Remember, its easier to leave a website than it is a shop so this is important to keep traffic coming to you and staying.

Testimonials and Comments

Try to gain as many testimonials and comments as possible. The reason for this is not only to let users see how good your business is from independent reviews, but also to give them a chance to interact with you by asking questions through the comments which makes your website more useful to them. Having all this makes your website look very active which search engines like and helps you rank and get up towards first page results, increasing your traffic.


Taking Advantage of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is how to get help in reaching the top result in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, most of them here are free!

Write a blog, this way is completely free and only takes up your time but you can write anywhere you want at any time. Personally I just write when I find myself pointlessly scrolling through social media or watching TV channels that i am not actually interested in, so i am not really losing out on spare time, and you do get used to writing pretty quickly

Writing a blog helps get you ranked as it makes your site seem more active, and if you use software such as Jaaxy to make the best use of keywords and plug-ins such as All in one SEO then the more content you have then the more pages you can have indexed on search engines and the more keywords that will be seen. Each blog post as well allows you to promote several products and on each one can have a comments section further helping you rank.

Navigation again, having an easy to navigate website means that if users are on the wrong page or post, they can still find where they want to be before they leave, having users on for longer time is preferred by search engines as it makes them look like its more useful and interesting to people. Another need of this though is to actually have interesting posts to read.

Social Media

This is more ways of getting great numbers of traffic without relying on search engines. There are many large social media platforms now, as well as things like YouTube which offers a different kind of platform.

People like to see images over lines and lines of text, think how much of Instagram relies on images. Using them to promote your website without creating new content can be quick and easy. Posts on other social media can be linked to your website so only makes more use of the content and work you have already completed.

Another advantage of social media is that after people “like” or “follow” your page it ensures a way that they will repeatedly see your posts without having to search for you or be part of a mailing list. This makes it much easier to hold on to your existing customers while still gaining new ones, giving you a growing authority over your competition.

Any Comments for This Post?

For the moment this is what I have learned so far, any advice or comments please let me know!