Can You Make Big Money Online Free – Enagic

The internet is full of get rich quick schemes that promise you can make big money online free, but how real are these schemes? Many state that they are free or free initially, so a lot of people do consider signing up, what would they lose if they are not putting any of their own money in to it. Here i will go over the possible enagic water scam.

Enagic or Kangen Water

This post shall be concentrated on the several schemes that are focused around selling / recruiting people for Enagic products.

As I first started to look at how I could make money online my attention was attracted very quickly to more than one scheme that uses Enagic’s commission scheme to allow people who sign up to have the potential to earn several thousands of pounds each month fairly quickly after sign up.

This sounds great as you are reading it, the only problem so far with it being the usual ” too good to be true ” issue, which nine times out of ten turns out correct. The written content or videos they show you though will try to convince you that they understand it sounds too good to be true though and are part of the 1 out of ten that is real and that you” need to act now ” or to ” take control of your on life ”

To me this feels too much like a sales technique that’s applying pressure on to me to give me a bias towards signing up.

Different Schemes Using the Same Products

Eventually I began to really look in to two separate schemes, One being Digital Genius Lab and the other CEO Movement (Community of Entrepanaurs Online) formally Project q1. The later one being quite a bit better in my opinion.

Digital Genius Lab

This was my first time looking in to this kind of thing and got me right up to the point of entering my billing information than decided, “no I will do more research first”

After signing up for alerts to watch the special recorded webinars which don’t explain much and hide the real details of how they make money. They than go on to say how many programs they offer to allow you to sell just about anything online as an affiliate marketer, the cost of buying all the software and programs you will have access to would cost something around $4000 on your own but with them can have unlimited access to all for around $100 a month, after this there would only be one other initial cost that isn’t even compulsory.

This is where I tried to research what that next cost was and it turns out to be buying the Kangen Water products. The best way to earn good commission and earn that commission quicker is to buy 3 of their products which comes to about $8000, and some of that money you pay goes to Digital Genius Lab, explaining all their motivation to “help you” This started to sound far from transparent and more lies could easily been said in all their webinar information and blogs.

CEO Movement / Project q1

This is the best of the two examples shown. They are generally the same type of scheme using Enagic’s commission scheme to encourage people to sign up, and than the people who sign up than basically need to do the exact same thing themselves.

The benefit that CEO Movement has though is the full access to the training and software they have is a one off payment around $50. So the initial cost here is less than just one month of Digital Genius Lab. The software and training is pretty much just how to run online adverts and Facebook pages to get as much traffic as possible to entice other people to join, if they join than you get the commission from their purchase of a Kangen Water product.

The purchase of your own Kangen product is not compulsory so technically when they say there can be no other initial cost it is true, but without purchasing the product for yourself you can’t than go on to promote the scheme or Kangen products, which is basically what the whole program is about. You are only told this after you have paid the $50 sign up fee or more in the case of Digital Genius Lab.

Basically as you are looking to find a way for yourself to make money online you have become a customer to someone else, this does have the possibility for you to make money after but after some research in to these schemes only the people at the top end up making any money.

MLM and Pyramid Schemes

These are basically examples of Multi Level Marketing schemes which apparently some can be genuine, but a good way to tell is whether you would make more money from selling the products to the public or from recruiting people to join. Both of these you would be making more money from recruiting other to do the exact same as you would have done.

This is true as the commission scheme works by separating the cost of each sale in to 8 points. If you recruit someone than you get commission from your own sales and 1 point their sales too, if they than recruit someone you get 1 point from each. Until all 8 points are taken up than you would no longer get commission from anyone 8 layers below you from recruiting. If you sold to a member of public who actually wanted to buy the product itself than you would only get that one commission and that’s it.

This is where they start looking like pyramid schemes. If you do a quick research on these you will see most pyramid schemes only make money for the people at the top and sometimes even are stopped from operating in the end.

I never bought a Kangen water product and personally don’t believe in the benefits they claim, if it was so good than surely it would sell itself rather than need to be tied in to all these “make money online” schemes. So I can’t comment on actually using the product for myself.

It is the same situation for the schemes themselves, I did the research but did not go as far as buying a Kangen product so can’t give extremely accurate information on how lucrative these schemes or possible scams are if you do for some reason sign up to them.

My personal advice would be to get more knowledge on genuine online affiliate marketing first as there is no risk with them, I have written another review on such programs and will link to that page here if interested 🙂

Any questions or comments, I would love to hear!