How to start affiliate marketing – Free

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make an income online without needing any initial investment from yourself. If you are interested in starting this yourself here is a brief break down of how to start affiliate marketing for free and what you will need.

This is only the basics but will give you an idea of the fundamental parts of what you need, what you would learn along the way and what you would end up with.

Part 1 – Finding your niche

A niche is the topic that you will promote, for example if you were really in to Golf then you could promote Golf equipment. There are millions of profitable niches that you can choose from so pretty much any interest that you have is a possible niche. You should ideally pick an interest of yours as you will need to write a good amount of content on this, so this would feel much easier on a topic that you feel you have a lot of knowledge on or feel very passionate about.

You don’t need to limit yourself to just one niche either, you can have as many as you like on separate websites, promoting separate products. This will give you a much more diverse way of making money all through affiliate marketing.

Part 2 – Create your website

This part usually makes people worry about it if they have never done anything similar to making a website or have little computer experience. Don’t worry about that, I knew nothing at the start and is extremely simple to do, especially with good training. (A lot of affiliate training programs such as Wealthy Affiliate, include this training)

Anyway, the point is don’t worry about not already knowing how to create websites and do fancy online things as is simple once you get told how to do it!

The purpose of the website is a place to put all your relevant content, affiliate links and somewhere to attract traffic and convert that traffic in to money.

Again using programs such as Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to using WordPress to build your website and all the relevant tools and templates to help you create a website that even on your first attempt will appear slick and professional.

Part 3 – Attracting traffic

This is the real part the decides how much money you will make. Training programs will give you all the correct training on how to properly generate traffic and convert them in to as much money as possible, almost all of them can be done for free!

This will teach you useful skills that utilize things such as SEO, social media and YouTube, Email marketing, PPC and more. All of which are very useful skills to have for other occupations as well such as helping small local businesses getting an online presence and so on.

This part is something I have personally enjoyed as I feel I am learning a very useful and lucrative trade.

Part 4 – Making money

Now the good part, your website or websites start to make money for you. This won’t be the case for everyone, some people will fail. But for the people using successful training programs they literally just need to follow step by step tutorials and then put the knowledge they learn in to practice and you will be building a succesfull business online with a strategy that has been proven many times before to work.

The commission for most affiliate programs are fairly low, around 10% but some can be around 50%. With some being from extremely expensive products, a low commission can still be a lot of money and with a lot of individual clients even the small profits all add up!

I am still new to affiliate marketing and would very much recommend learning from people who have “been there and done that” and listen to what they have learned from the experience so you don’t make the same mistakes and can be running a successful online business in a shorter time.

All that can be achieved easily using Wealthy Affiliate as I mentioned earlier, to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate read my review here.

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