Online Money Changed Me

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for over a year now, with an incredibly “average human” effort consisting of a million hours a day for the first couple of months and then tailing off to barely anything since then with the odd update.

Realistically I think that’s how most people end up with challenges in life. Unfortunately.

Overall though so far, I believe it has been a very positive experience for many reasons and how it’s changed the way I see work and my life choices.

It is Real

The internet is big! There’s a lot of scary things out there and most things the offer you a “work from home or anywhere in the world with only an internet connection and make thousands a week” are probably more after making money from people signing up and losing money than the opportunity of a good income online happening so fast. Check my review of Enagic HERE, (that is just my opinion but something that asks you to pay a small non-refundable fee and only after that then you can do anything until you spend another $8000 speaks for itself, why hide it?)

Affiliate marketing on the other hand is 100% honest, you can utilize it to make money from pretty much any topic or hobby so can be interesting to whatever interests you, to a point. Some topics are harder and less profitable than others but it is possible to make any niche work, it’s your own personal effort that is the main factor though.

The amount of money you can make is massive, unlike a normal job where you are paid for your time. Your work carriers on working for you with being an affiliate so you can run multiple websites and branch off in to different forms of income related to your niche(s)

Getting more from your Life

What really matters in life? Money? no.

Originally i am from a rural part of Scotland, now I live down in England. I love going back to Scotland and seeing the amazing scenery which I didn’t take full advantage of while I lived there, the downside is there’s a reason almost everyone leaves straight after school, almost always for work or education.

That said with a little more life experience of having lived in 3 different places, that part, I’ve loved, especially seeing the differences between each other.

Now looking back to Scotland, I would love to eventually settle down there but a lot of the places that id like best would be pretty impractical to live regarding finding work, commuting or getting a customer base if I was to be self-employed with my own local business. If I pushed affiliate marketing more however, that would not be an issue at all or even if it was just a bit of extra money on the side would be extremely helpful.

The idea of affiliate marketing has made me realize more that I should plan my life more around my hobbies and other ideals rather than committing so much to a job and affiliate marketing allows me to be a lot more flexible with that.

Taking that idea further I have started to see my life differently and value the present a lot more. Who knows, we may only get one shot at this life and would I like to have lived it all in one place? (all 3 places I have stayed are in the UK) I know overall being in my 20s is still young but then again i will only have my 20s once and that’s quite short, if I was to go live over in Canada for 2 years, see more of the world, then settle back in the UK after, would that 2 years put me behind much? No. And even if it did, what’s the race about? If I have managed to figure out what I want to do in life then that alone is a big enough achievement to be happy of anyway, no matter when it comes to you.

No Promise of Making Money Makes it Hard to Keep Pushing

With affiliate marketing, you get paid per sale/subscription (for your main income anyway) so all the effort to get to that point will have gone by without seeing a single penny. This can really take you off continuing with it as it seems like it’s going to keep on being that much effort for each sale.

Even believing that all it takes is commitment sometimes isn’t enough, that’s what caused me to drop my efforts. But when you make your first bit of money it is enough motivation and excitement to keep you going from then on for a good while.

The way I think is better to think of it is that the first money is always the hardest and from then on it gets easier and easier as you get better and better. The first £1 will be as hard as next years £!00 and so on. If you keep believing that yes the money isn’t guaranteed to come but if you put the effort in then it may as well be guaranteed, it is a normal job so it just needs the effort and commitment as a normal job, there are no short cuts! Just the money comes later and can be up scaled so much and can revolve around your life!

Affiliate marketing is the Best way to Make Money. Period

That title is just my opinion but in the present day in the present situation I believe it to be true. With the internet having a massive influence already but many people still not fully utilizing it, the market is massive with competition far from saturated, It’s the perfect time.

Programs I used to join is WEALTHY AFFILIATE which you can sign up to for free to get a feel for things. Just click on this LINK.

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