Making Money Online So Far

Well I am around three quarters of a year in to my affiliate marketing adventure and I thought I would let you know how I am doing at making money online so far. If you are someone who does not know too much about computers and the internet then I could be a useful comparison of how I have done and where / what to do better.

How Much Money I Make?

This month is April 2019 and have made around £6. Simple and clear. This may not sound very good at all but from some “life issues” I’ve not put the effort or time in to any of this since November 2018. The fact I was making any money was more of a surprise to me but there’s more benefits than just the money itself. Also, worth remembering I did nothing this month (before this post) and still made money, the work that made the money was done last year and will continue to make me money once I have completed any work.

What More Does This Mean?

The information I have now is I find more important than the money. It tells me where the first money is most likely to come from and looking at averages how likely is someone is to convert in to a recurring customer or sign up to a monthly program. This allows me to concentrate on what makes the most money and what I need to work on. This can be things like making money from affiliated product sales or advertising on my websites or from writing comments and reviews on other peoples websites who are also affiliate marketers on WealthyAffiliate

Which Products Work Best

This may be something to look in to but further in to your affiliate marketing journey but once you have several niches you can work out which make the most money and convert the highest percentage. Some products give you a high commission but could be from a high or low original cost and some get bought frequently or in-frequently. This is all stuff to consider which is best worked out from how many sales you start making in real life. Other things to consider is selling physical products or programs or software packages as these generally cost less for the manufacturer so in turn can give you a much higher commission or even a recurring profit as some get charged every month which you continue to earn commission from

How to Earn Money Quickly

Obviously this amount of money isn’t anything great and it took a while coming but there are easy ways to bring the money in quicker and increase how much you earn as well. I understand life in general can get in the way of projects but in normally we all have a good amount of spare time that we do nothing with that could be filled with something more productive. Maybe just 20 minutes of work each night before bed or in the morning, even just 1hr every week could get you in to a good routine to build up work and bring the money in quicker. Sometimes with SEO (search engine optimization) it can take time to catch up but it will start to happen only once you have some work done. Having a good routine might not seem like much while your doing it but overall things start to build up fairly quickly and you will be pleasantly surprised after some time at just how much you have achieved. If this was something I had done with this website I think I would have covered the same amount of work I have done in roughly 9 months as I would have done in 1 month with a proper routine. Again life sometimes means you miss things once in a while and you can never guess what will happen in a months time and everyone is in their own unique situation but I’d say 98% of people can afford to do a good amount of work at least once a week or a small amount every day, which ever suits your lifestyle best.


My conclusion? The better the money you earn then the sooner you can start leaving normal sources of income and the more time you can put in to affiliate marketing, which then further brings the chance of being a full time internet marketer closer and giving you the freedom to earn from any place and any time you want. That sounds a good idea to me anyway.

Any questions or advice please leave me a comment and I will try get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks for reading

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