Is the Wealthy Affiliate Worth it?

My first post here with this website, I’m going to take you through my review of Wealthy Affiliate and give you feedback of what you get from signing up.

First things first though. I am not part of Wealthy Affiliate but I am a Premium member, I have been signed up for around a month and this is my complete honest review coming from the perspective as someone with no prior knowledge in this field.

If you did decide to join Wealthy Affiliate after reading this through one of my links and also became a premium member I would receive commission but this is entirely honest and if you have any questions at all then please feel free to leave a comment or question and I will get back to you.

As well, if you do sign up, even as a free member, I will be in contact so if you have any other questions later on I will try to do my best to help out. Fancy link to sign up

Presuming you know the basics off affiliate marketing (if not, I will write a new post soon on how it works) lets start!

Initial Thoughts as a Newbie

I was a complete novice about affiliate marketing or basically anything to do with being online really, so everything was strange as I started.

The first thing you notice is Wealthy Affiliate is set up more like a social network than anything else, which is actually great as you can always get help easily from someone who knows what they are doing.

Literally everything, aside from the affiliate deals which you choose, is presented to you with in the network which I will go over each topic in a later paragraph. The biggest benefit for inexperienced people of this though is that you only need to learn how to use this one network instead of several and all the tools and tips you would otherwise not be aware off, are all shown to you.

If affiliate marketing is an idea that scares you because it is something you have no idea about then do not be afraid, in terms of training and support, this walks you through the beginning steps so all you need to do is follow some videos and use your laptop/computer mouse the way the videos have done. Everything is explained.

Also, a main point in trying this network if you are new, nothing to lose! You can sign up for completely free, no time limit, just limited access but still easily enough to get a feeling of whether you think it is for you or not. Later on you can become a premium member if you wish which works out around $49 per month if you are USA, but you can pay an annual fee instead which works out at $359

Some Quick Fact

Training: 9.5/10

Support: 9/10

Website Building: 9/10

Research Tools: 9/10

Independent Information: 9.5/10

Sign-up Process: Very easy


The training is mostly provided through many steps of different topics, called levels. Each step is usually a page of information to read through and a video which walks you through how to apply the information for yourself, it is all very well taught and easy to follow for anyone, though for someone with experience they may find it pretty slow.

You will be taught how to build your own website and promote any affiliate products you chose, or even to promote Wealthy Affiliate (kind of like I am here). The choice is completely up to you, and if you need help to choose, there’s plenty advice on that too. You can basically choose any topic and make it work with affiliate marketing, after all the internet is huge.

Being a free member, this is also limited but enough to give you a good idea of whether you think it is for you or not.


Support can be done through a “Live Chat”, “Site Support”, private message or by creating your own post for other to see and answer you.

I have personally asked quite a few questions and had good responses for each one and usually get a reply within minutes other than a couple private messages. You really can’t get stuck when all you need to do is ask here.

That said, what I did find fairly difficult was the process of signing up for affiliate programs (once you choose your product to promote, you sign up to the suppliers affiliate program of your choice) There wasn’t much ready advice on this as Wealthy Affiliate realistically can’t provide details for how to sign up to every affiliate program out there so I will let them off for this one, and again with the great support you can at least ask a couple questions to get a helping hand.

Website Building

This is something I have nothing to compare against really so can’t give much good details, but what I can say is all you need to run your own website and own your own domain is all provided within wealthy affiliate. They use word press and all related issues with websites are all kept in a websites tab so all you need to do to edit, create or build new websites are all in one place where all you need to do is remember your details for Wealthy Affiliate

If building a website seems daunting to you then that’s exactly how I felt, don’t worry, it is all explained in the training and even I found this easy. It’s actually an extremely quick and simple process yet you still feel you have learned a useful skill afterwards

The fancy plugins and so on to optimize your website for traffic and make things look like a professional are all included and how to use them and why is also explained.

Research Tools

Another feature which is incredibly useful to new people like me.

Getting your website to come up in millions of people search results in Google, Yahoo, Bing takes work and there are ways like using specific “keywords” to achieve this as easily and efficiently as possible.

All the techniques and tools are provided in one place and explained to get you just as good as the experienced people without years of training.

Independent Information

What I mean by this is information available to you that isn’t coming straight from Wealthy Affiliate. Just like what you are reading right now.

After all, you would expect a product to get a good review from the people who made it, so independent searches are always a good thing.

So Worth Signing Up?

In my opinion, of course, if you are serious or even just curious about making a residual income then why not? You have nothing to lose as you can start as a free member and as there is no time limit, whenever you have time you can check it out to really find out if it is for you or not. A link is included at the end of this text to sign up. That was will give you a better idea than any review on the internet

Affiliate marketing is no get-rich-quick scheme, but the money can be great potentially and the work you have previously done keeps on working for you once you have made it. It does need effort and a fair bit of writing blogs like this one you are reading but that’s something you get used to. Me personally find the time to do this when I would normally just be scrolling through Facebook or so on.

The only drawback with affiliate marketing is it takes a while to get to the part where you start making money, but even as a newbie this time is minimized as much as possible by using the training and great platform at Wealthy Affiliate, you can learn from the experienced people at the top so you don’t need to make the mistakes people without that experience commonly do.

Overall if you are looking for ways to make money online, affiliate marketing is a legit way to do this, and using Wealthy Affiliate will give you a sizable advantage from the start and on wards.

Even if without the money, it is a new skill and trade that is learned.

Give it a shot here to see for yourself!

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  1. This information is beautiful and so helpful. Thank you. I’m wondering if you have an editor for your writings?

    1. Hello, thanks! On wealthy affiliate there is a place where I just write my blogs myself but then at the end (or any point through writing the blog) there is a button that will spell check and grammar check everything I have wrote. Everyone will have access to it, it’s easy to use and does it by itself. English is my first language although I am not very good at it and failed it as a topic in school, but the program makes sure everything comes out to a good standard. I hope that helps 🙂 Thank you

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