Free Ways to Make Money – Affiliate Marketing

This post will include a description of what affiliate marketing is and how it works and how good, or not, as a free way to make money online.

The Basics of How it Works

As the Customer

Here is an example, you are looking at buying a new hat. You are not quite sure that kind of hat you have in mind yet so you Google some ideas, eventually you come across a couple of options that you like. Having another Google search to compare your favorite options you come across a website where someone has written a review on them.

After carefully reading the review, you chose the hat you want, and happily you notice there is a link (known as an affiliate link) of where to buy the hat in the review, you click it, it takes you to an online shop and you buy the hat.

As the Affiliate Marketer

Some of that money you spent on the hat will go to the creator of the review you read that contained the link you clicked. This will be his/her commission, it costs no extra to the customer but as the writer of the review helped “guide” a buyer to purchase from the online shop, they give that writer a percent of the profit.

Makes sense.

The retailer can get more sales and technically advertising so overall make more profit, and the writer can generate a residual income through this affiliate network which will work for them not only as they have just published a post on the website but 24 hours 7 days a week after in has been published for years to go.

Why is This Free Online Money Good?

This is a real and legit way that people make money online, it’s not a scam and doesn’t involve being rich to start with to be successful. It is good for several reasons

Its basically free to start. All you need for this is to get people (or traffic) to see your affiliate link and click on it then make their purchase. This can be done through your own website, whether your own domain or a free website, a group/page on a social network or even just emails. The main priority though is getting enough traffic to your link, there are ways to accomplish this that cost money but also many ways that cost you nothing and are just as effective. Creating content through writing blogs is an example, you just need the effort and that’s it.

This is not just an active income. Money through affiliate marketing is not just trading your time for money. The work you put in to making websites and attracting traffic will constantly work for you, with multiple website and multiple affiliate links to multiple products you can have a lot working for your to give you several streams of income.

As long as you have an Internet connection once in a while to upload and edit your website / page / emails or whichever you choose then you can literally work from anywhere you want whenever you want. If you are planning on driving most of the traffic by writing content then the majority of your work hours you don’t even need an internet connection, you could be sitting at the beach writing offline or even just on a notepad and then put it online later.

Earning potential is massive, at the start the earning is tiny and slow, but eventually it can be huge. Your work that you have done doesn’t disappear once made so it will build up so there is basically no limit. You could earn £0 a month or £50,000 a month every month. Personally coming from being a mechanic this meant a lot to me, in my previous job no matter how much effort and work I put it I would always be limited by simply how the industry worked.

Affiliate marketing is a skill in itself, it is a long term business, not a short term idea. This does mean it can be fairly stable but also means you can learn a lot too and have access to that learning everywhere on the Internet or books. There are many programs as well that you can join that provide this training (sometimes for free) all in one place and let you manage everything to do with your affiliate business all under one roof. These also give the advantage of networking with other people doing the same thing as you and people further up the ladder too, this is a great source of advice. Personally I use Wealthy Affiliate ( Click here to see my review, and sign up links ) for this, at the beginning I knew nothing and has taught me everything I know so far.

You are the one in control, not your angry boss, not your colleagues, no one but you! This puts you in charge of your success and pretty much anyone is able to start affiliate marketing. This is point is also something I am really excited about.

You can choose any products to become an affiliate marketer for, whatever your hobby is there will be a supplier out there with an affiliate program for you to sign up to! The internet is a massive place so the chances of you not being able to find a suitable affiliate program that has the right products you want to promote is tiny and since there are over 3 billion users on the internet, any niche will have potentially enough traffic to make a good income from. Anyone can give it a shot, no experience required!

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  1. That was a great article ! I really enjoyed the read and then low and behold there it was!
    The link to Wealthy Affilliate really caught me off guard!
    I too am a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate and I can say with no hesitation that it is without a doubt the best training, website buillder, and community on the internet !
    I know one thing! Your readers who take your advice will be back to thank you!


    1. Hi, thanks for the comment, much appreciated!

      Its great you feel the same way about the community with Wealthy Affiliate, from starting it saves so much time having everything you need all in one place.

      Thank you

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