How Affiliate Marketing is Going for Me

Doing Well at Affiliate Marketing?

Well, I’m nothing special, in fact I would say my previous knowledge regarding internet and computer things would be below average anyway. But! This has not stopped me giving it a go and would definitely encourage any motivated people to have a shot at it to!

The way I view my life has actually changed massively since I started with Wealthy Affiliate, not all to do with learning to do affiliate marketing but the whole idea of why I want to do it has started off so many other opinions and priorities that I believe have made me much happier.

The Money

Well as from my last post its pretty much the same, I have a steady but very small income from this. With more effort I can definitely increase that massively although my plan currently is to keep at it in a steady consistent way.

The biggest thing like I said was how differently I view things, such as how much time we give up for are normal “9-5” jobs 6 days a week and how we spend most of that money on things we rarely use because we are too busy at work trying to pay for them etc. I’ve not travelled massively although within the UK I basically constantly go between Scotland and the East Midlands of England, and definitely enjoying seeing the different places and – albeit small – difference in life and cultures. This has definitely given me a bigger motivation to spend less on things I don’t need or on specific brands just because that’s what people want and spend more of my effore on life experience and aim to travel other countries and see more of the world now while I am young and can enjoy it the most. Although no-one is too old to travel, you’re always the youngest you are going to be today and spending your old age traveling because you were constantly working from 18 to 70 years old is a situation I would rather swap for traveling while younger.

This is a priority a previously acknowledged but didn’t value much before trying out Wealthy Affiliate and after looking at the benefits of being able to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection without having to pay for a house wherever home is (while not living in it) I appreciate this concept much more!

If you would like to give Wealthy Affiliate a shot yourself, try for free by clicking HERE.

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