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For the majority of my life since school I have been frustrated with my work life. I’ve definitely not enjoyed being paid a set wage for the amount of work I do, regardless of how much effort or actual work I get done.

On the flip side of this it showed me I wanted a work project that was dependent on me and almost only me, and has hopefully led me on to this.

After school, although doing very well, I chose not to go to university. Instead I chose an apprenticeship to become a mechanic. Soon in to it I realized the apprenticeship was just being surrounded by people who complain a lot doing repetitive simple work that I had already learned at home working on my own car, No sufficient learning here

The college side of my apprenticeship was pretty easy, the course itself was actually a step down from school and was 30 multiple choice questions that, if you had an interest in cars, you would probably know most of them anyway. Soon it became obvious that in comparison to what I wanted, mechanics had little theory to study or to learn, which is what I had been looking for. To be a good mechanic you need to understand the basic theory but have that backed up by good training and experience in a garage. This is not what I felt I had.

Later on I decided to quit the apprenticeship and jump straight to motor sport engineering. Using my work from school I could start from were I would if I was a fully qualified mechanic. Almost a year on, the course I had an unconditional offer for was dropped, and being the only course of it’s kind in the country I had to make a quick career change.

Now concentrating on events work I was working within a nightclub/bar and a concert hall as well as studying sound production at university. Great, even though I was a complete newbie I was working smaller hours and earning more than I would expect to earn after all the training as a mechanic, plus I would come out with an honors degree and proper work experience. Win win

3 years on now and there has been some complications, I was offered a job in a garage, which I accepted (being stubborn I wanted to finish off the mechanics course, while working with events in my spare time thinking the experience would be worth as much as the bit of paper saying I had done a university course)

After quitting university for this new mechanics job, the offer was the taken away by a member of staff higher up the company chain. Annoying as they had approached me and offered me it, otherwise I would have stayed at university, I was taking a pay cut to go back to mechanics and was doing just fine)

After all this I just bit the bullet, got another job in a garage and finished the course. Hated it and was a very poor use of my time but it’s something I will have that I won’t lose.

But looking back at it, I literally picked a job that I have to do 50 hours a week on £8 an hour when a could of did 40 hours a week on £15 an hour in a higher paid similiar trade, both were offered to me and one offers more money for less work (that’s just how some jobs are, it’s life) I have now started thinking how far you can take that? What is the most money you can get for the least work/effort that doesn’t involve relying on other people to limit your achievements or drop your university course or so on?


This got me looking in to many forms of work that would give me a good income and also a lot of free flexible time. Its clear you can’t achieve this being paid by the hour, to really be free from your work you need your work to continue earning after you have created or completed a task.

A quick read on the internet and there’s millions of ways to do this and also millions of scams. But still many legitimate ways to get this type of passive or residual income. This is not a life hack, scam, massive money quick opportunity or anything like that, it’s simply the one of the most efficient ways to make money I could find in my opinion. I want to share this with people to prove it. No need to spend any of your own money either.

Affiliate Marketing


As said before I want to prove to people that the idea of you working every so often and then that work continuing to make money for you is real. Plus this can be done from anywhere you want, providing occasionally you get an internet connection, with no massive investment from you involved.

Hopefully through the content to come in this website I can help you to try to get involved and create this income as well.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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