How Affiliate Marketing is Going for Me

Doing Well at Affiliate Marketing?

Well, I’m nothing special, in fact I would say my previous knowledge regarding internet and computer things would be below average anyway. But! This has not stopped me giving it a go and would definitely encourage any motivated people to have a shot at it to!

The way I view my life has actually changed massively since I started with Wealthy Affiliate, not all to do with learning to do affiliate marketing but the whole idea of why I want to do it has started off so many other opinions and priorities that I believe have made me much happier.

The Money

Well as from my last post its pretty much the same, I have a steady but very small income from this. With more effort I can definitely increase that massively although my plan currently is to keep at it in a steady consistent way.

The biggest thing like I said was how differently I view things, such as how much time we give up for are normal “9-5” jobs 6 days a week and how we spend most of that money on things we rarely use because we are too busy at work trying to pay for them etc. I’ve not travelled massively although within the UK I basically constantly go between Scotland and the East Midlands of England, and definitely enjoying seeing the different places and – albeit small – difference in life and cultures. This has definitely given me a bigger motivation to spend less on things I don’t need or on specific brands just because that’s what people want and spend more of my effore on life experience and aim to travel other countries and see more of the world now while I am young and can enjoy it the most. Although no-one is too old to travel, you’re always the youngest you are going to be today and spending your old age traveling because you were constantly working from 18 to 70 years old is a situation I would rather swap for traveling while younger.

This is a priority a previously acknowledged but didn’t value much before trying out Wealthy Affiliate and after looking at the benefits of being able to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection without having to pay for a house wherever home is (while not living in it) I appreciate this concept much more!

If you would like to give Wealthy Affiliate a shot yourself, try for free by clicking HERE.

Any questions or comments please submit them below!

Making Money Online So Far

Well I am around three quarters of a year in to my affiliate marketing adventure and I thought I would let you know how I am doing at making money online so far. If you are someone who does not know too much about computers and the internet then I could be a useful comparison of how I have done and where / what to do better.

How Much Money I Make?

This month is April 2019 and have made around £6. Simple and clear. This may not sound very good at all but from some “life issues” I’ve not put the effort or time in to any of this since November 2018. The fact I was making any money was more of a surprise to me but there’s more benefits than just the money itself. Also, worth remembering I did nothing this month (before this post) and still made money, the work that made the money was done last year and will continue to make me money once I have completed any work.

What More Does This Mean?

The information I have now is I find more important than the money. It tells me where the first money is most likely to come from and looking at averages how likely is someone is to convert in to a recurring customer or sign up to a monthly program. This allows me to concentrate on what makes the most money and what I need to work on. This can be things like making money from affiliated product sales or advertising on my websites or from writing comments and reviews on other peoples websites who are also affiliate marketers on WealthyAffiliate

Which Products Work Best

This may be something to look in to but further in to your affiliate marketing journey but once you have several niches you can work out which make the most money and convert the highest percentage. Some products give you a high commission but could be from a high or low original cost and some get bought frequently or in-frequently. This is all stuff to consider which is best worked out from how many sales you start making in real life. Other things to consider is selling physical products or programs or software packages as these generally cost less for the manufacturer so in turn can give you a much higher commission or even a recurring profit as some get charged every month which you continue to earn commission from

How to Earn Money Quickly

Obviously this amount of money isn’t anything great and it took a while coming but there are easy ways to bring the money in quicker and increase how much you earn as well. I understand life in general can get in the way of projects but in normally we all have a good amount of spare time that we do nothing with that could be filled with something more productive. Maybe just 20 minutes of work each night before bed or in the morning, even just 1hr every week could get you in to a good routine to build up work and bring the money in quicker. Sometimes with SEO (search engine optimization) it can take time to catch up but it will start to happen only once you have some work done. Having a good routine might not seem like much while your doing it but overall things start to build up fairly quickly and you will be pleasantly surprised after some time at just how much you have achieved. If this was something I had done with this website I think I would have covered the same amount of work I have done in roughly 9 months as I would have done in 1 month with a proper routine. Again life sometimes means you miss things once in a while and you can never guess what will happen in a months time and everyone is in their own unique situation but I’d say 98% of people can afford to do a good amount of work at least once a week or a small amount every day, which ever suits your lifestyle best.


My conclusion? The better the money you earn then the sooner you can start leaving normal sources of income and the more time you can put in to affiliate marketing, which then further brings the chance of being a full time internet marketer closer and giving you the freedom to earn from any place and any time you want. That sounds a good idea to me anyway.

Any questions or advice please leave me a comment and I will try get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks for reading

How to start affiliate marketing – Free

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make an income online without needing any initial investment from yourself. If you are interested in starting this yourself here is a brief break down of how to start affiliate marketing for free and what you will need.

This is only the basics but will give you an idea of the fundamental parts of what you need, what you would learn along the way and what you would end up with.

Part 1 – Finding your niche

A niche is the topic that you will promote, for example if you were really in to Golf then you could promote Golf equipment. There are millions of profitable niches that you can choose from so pretty much any interest that you have is a possible niche. You should ideally pick an interest of yours as you will need to write a good amount of content on this, so this would feel much easier on a topic that you feel you have a lot of knowledge on or feel very passionate about.

You don’t need to limit yourself to just one niche either, you can have as many as you like on separate websites, promoting separate products. This will give you a much more diverse way of making money all through affiliate marketing.

Part 2 – Create your website

This part usually makes people worry about it if they have never done anything similar to making a website or have little computer experience. Don’t worry about that, I knew nothing at the start and is extremely simple to do, especially with good training. (A lot of affiliate training programs such as Wealthy Affiliate, include this training)

Anyway, the point is don’t worry about not already knowing how to create websites and do fancy online things as is simple once you get told how to do it!

The purpose of the website is a place to put all your relevant content, affiliate links and somewhere to attract traffic and convert that traffic in to money.

Again using programs such as Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to using WordPress to build your website and all the relevant tools and templates to help you create a website that even on your first attempt will appear slick and professional.

Part 3 – Attracting traffic

This is the real part the decides how much money you will make. Training programs will give you all the correct training on how to properly generate traffic and convert them in to as much money as possible, almost all of them can be done for free!

This will teach you useful skills that utilize things such as SEO, social media and YouTube, Email marketing, PPC and more. All of which are very useful skills to have for other occupations as well such as helping small local businesses getting an online presence and so on.

This part is something I have personally enjoyed as I feel I am learning a very useful and lucrative trade.

Part 4 – Making money

Now the good part, your website or websites start to make money for you. This won’t be the case for everyone, some people will fail. But for the people using successful training programs they literally just need to follow step by step tutorials and then put the knowledge they learn in to practice and you will be building a succesfull business online with a strategy that has been proven many times before to work.

The commission for most affiliate programs are fairly low, around 10% but some can be around 50%. With some being from extremely expensive products, a low commission can still be a lot of money and with a lot of individual clients even the small profits all add up!

I am still new to affiliate marketing and would very much recommend learning from people who have “been there and done that” and listen to what they have learned from the experience so you don’t make the same mistakes and can be running a successful online business in a shorter time.

All that can be achieved easily using Wealthy Affiliate as I mentioned earlier, to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate read my review here.

Affiliate Marketing Tips Beginners

Affiliate Marketing can be hard work, but in this post I am going to show you (for free) the little things I have learned so far to make your business as efficient as possible. As i am fairly new to this these will only be affiliate marketing tips for beginners, but should make a noticeable difference in getting your business noticed.

Get a Website

This step should be fairly obvious, if you have a website on something like Siterubix or even better your own domain, this can provide the platform to get your content and affiliate links out there to potentially millions of clients. The better the website the better the results.

The content you make on this website can also be used to share on to other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc without needing to create new content, it can be the central hub of where your work goes.

How to Make Your Website Stand Out

To make a lot of money from affiliate marketing or even most businesses in general, a high traffic website will be extremely beneficial. This means you will need to stand out over the competition to get a high enough amount of traffic.

Google My Business

One of the ways I have found to give yourself an advantage is to sign up for Google My Business and include relevant information about your business, although if that business is solely affiliate marketing this may be slightly more difficult.

Another way is creating “rich cards” These pop up in the search results in google but unlike the normal results just shown in text, these appear like cards with an image as well, this looks much better and works well with mobile devices which obviously are becoming more and more popular. Another thing to think on that is how powerful images are themselves, a lot of people are visual learners or would become more interested in your result simply as it had an image as they would take notice of this first over a normal result in only text.


Easy navigation of your website. This helps your website as the users may come to it through a link that takes them to a page/post that doesn’t feature the product or affiliate link that your create your commission from. Many people will quickly leave the website if it isn’t clear on how to get to what they are interested in or if the page they arrive on isn’t relevant to their interests. Another effect of this is good SEO but I will cover that later.

Search Tool

Use of a search tool, this is basically the same as having a clear, easy to navigate website. This helps the user find what they want easier and to stay on your website. Remember, its easier to leave a website than it is a shop so this is important to keep traffic coming to you and staying.

Testimonials and Comments

Try to gain as many testimonials and comments as possible. The reason for this is not only to let users see how good your business is from independent reviews, but also to give them a chance to interact with you by asking questions through the comments which makes your website more useful to them. Having all this makes your website look very active which search engines like and helps you rank and get up towards first page results, increasing your traffic.


Taking Advantage of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is how to get help in reaching the top result in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, most of them here are free!

Write a blog, this way is completely free and only takes up your time but you can write anywhere you want at any time. Personally I just write when I find myself pointlessly scrolling through social media or watching TV channels that i am not actually interested in, so i am not really losing out on spare time, and you do get used to writing pretty quickly

Writing a blog helps get you ranked as it makes your site seem more active, and if you use software such as Jaaxy to make the best use of keywords and plug-ins such as All in one SEO then the more content you have then the more pages you can have indexed on search engines and the more keywords that will be seen. Each blog post as well allows you to promote several products and on each one can have a comments section further helping you rank.

Navigation again, having an easy to navigate website means that if users are on the wrong page or post, they can still find where they want to be before they leave, having users on for longer time is preferred by search engines as it makes them look like its more useful and interesting to people. Another need of this though is to actually have interesting posts to read.

Social Media

This is more ways of getting great numbers of traffic without relying on search engines. There are many large social media platforms now, as well as things like YouTube which offers a different kind of platform.

People like to see images over lines and lines of text, think how much of Instagram relies on images. Using them to promote your website without creating new content can be quick and easy. Posts on other social media can be linked to your website so only makes more use of the content and work you have already completed.

Another advantage of social media is that after people “like” or “follow” your page it ensures a way that they will repeatedly see your posts without having to search for you or be part of a mailing list. This makes it much easier to hold on to your existing customers while still gaining new ones, giving you a growing authority over your competition.

Any Comments for This Post?

For the moment this is what I have learned so far, any advice or comments please let me know!






Can You Make Big Money Online Free – Enagic

The internet is full of get rich quick schemes that promise you can make big money online free, but how real are these schemes? Many state that they are free or free initially, so a lot of people do consider signing up, what would they lose if they are not putting any of their own money in to it. Here i will go over the possible enagic water scam.

Enagic or Kangen Water

This post shall be concentrated on the several schemes that are focused around selling / recruiting people for Enagic products.

As I first started to look at how I could make money online my attention was attracted very quickly to more than one scheme that uses Enagic’s commission scheme to allow people who sign up to have the potential to earn several thousands of pounds each month fairly quickly after sign up.

This sounds great as you are reading it, the only problem so far with it being the usual ” too good to be true ” issue, which nine times out of ten turns out correct. The written content or videos they show you though will try to convince you that they understand it sounds too good to be true though and are part of the 1 out of ten that is real and that you” need to act now ” or to ” take control of your on life ”

To me this feels too much like a sales technique that’s applying pressure on to me to give me a bias towards signing up.

Different Schemes Using the Same Products

Eventually I began to really look in to two separate schemes, One being Digital Genius Lab and the other CEO Movement (Community of Entrepanaurs Online) formally Project q1. The later one being quite a bit better in my opinion.

Digital Genius Lab

This was my first time looking in to this kind of thing and got me right up to the point of entering my billing information than decided, “no I will do more research first”

After signing up for alerts to watch the special recorded webinars which don’t explain much and hide the real details of how they make money. They than go on to say how many programs they offer to allow you to sell just about anything online as an affiliate marketer, the cost of buying all the software and programs you will have access to would cost something around $4000 on your own but with them can have unlimited access to all for around $100 a month, after this there would only be one other initial cost that isn’t even compulsory.

This is where I tried to research what that next cost was and it turns out to be buying the Kangen Water products. The best way to earn good commission and earn that commission quicker is to buy 3 of their products which comes to about $8000, and some of that money you pay goes to Digital Genius Lab, explaining all their motivation to “help you” This started to sound far from transparent and more lies could easily been said in all their webinar information and blogs.

CEO Movement / Project q1

This is the best of the two examples shown. They are generally the same type of scheme using Enagic’s commission scheme to encourage people to sign up, and than the people who sign up than basically need to do the exact same thing themselves.

The benefit that CEO Movement has though is the full access to the training and software they have is a one off payment around $50. So the initial cost here is less than just one month of Digital Genius Lab. The software and training is pretty much just how to run online adverts and Facebook pages to get as much traffic as possible to entice other people to join, if they join than you get the commission from their purchase of a Kangen Water product.

The purchase of your own Kangen product is not compulsory so technically when they say there can be no other initial cost it is true, but without purchasing the product for yourself you can’t than go on to promote the scheme or Kangen products, which is basically what the whole program is about. You are only told this after you have paid the $50 sign up fee or more in the case of Digital Genius Lab.

Basically as you are looking to find a way for yourself to make money online you have become a customer to someone else, this does have the possibility for you to make money after but after some research in to these schemes only the people at the top end up making any money.

MLM and Pyramid Schemes

These are basically examples of Multi Level Marketing schemes which apparently some can be genuine, but a good way to tell is whether you would make more money from selling the products to the public or from recruiting people to join. Both of these you would be making more money from recruiting other to do the exact same as you would have done.

This is true as the commission scheme works by separating the cost of each sale in to 8 points. If you recruit someone than you get commission from your own sales and 1 point their sales too, if they than recruit someone you get 1 point from each. Until all 8 points are taken up than you would no longer get commission from anyone 8 layers below you from recruiting. If you sold to a member of public who actually wanted to buy the product itself than you would only get that one commission and that’s it.

This is where they start looking like pyramid schemes. If you do a quick research on these you will see most pyramid schemes only make money for the people at the top and sometimes even are stopped from operating in the end.

I never bought a Kangen water product and personally don’t believe in the benefits they claim, if it was so good than surely it would sell itself rather than need to be tied in to all these “make money online” schemes. So I can’t comment on actually using the product for myself.

It is the same situation for the schemes themselves, I did the research but did not go as far as buying a Kangen product so can’t give extremely accurate information on how lucrative these schemes or possible scams are if you do for some reason sign up to them.

My personal advice would be to get more knowledge on genuine online affiliate marketing first as there is no risk with them, I have written another review on such programs and will link to that page here if interested 🙂

Any questions or comments, I would love to hear!





Free Ways to Make Money – Affiliate Marketing

This post will include a description of what affiliate marketing is and how it works and how good, or not, as a free way to make money online.

The Basics of How it Works

As the Customer

Here is an example, you are looking at buying a new hat. You are not quite sure that kind of hat you have in mind yet so you Google some ideas, eventually you come across a couple of options that you like. Having another Google search to compare your favorite options you come across a website where someone has written a review on them.

After carefully reading the review, you chose the hat you want, and happily you notice there is a link (known as an affiliate link) of where to buy the hat in the review, you click it, it takes you to an online shop and you buy the hat.

As the Affiliate Marketer

Some of that money you spent on the hat will go to the creator of the review you read that contained the link you clicked. This will be his/her commission, it costs no extra to the customer but as the writer of the review helped “guide” a buyer to purchase from the online shop, they give that writer a percent of the profit.

Makes sense.

The retailer can get more sales and technically advertising so overall make more profit, and the writer can generate a residual income through this affiliate network which will work for them not only as they have just published a post on the website but 24 hours 7 days a week after in has been published for years to go.

Why is This Free Online Money Good?

This is a real and legit way that people make money online, it’s not a scam and doesn’t involve being rich to start with to be successful. It is good for several reasons

Its basically free to start. All you need for this is to get people (or traffic) to see your affiliate link and click on it then make their purchase. This can be done through your own website, whether your own domain or a free website, a group/page on a social network or even just emails. The main priority though is getting enough traffic to your link, there are ways to accomplish this that cost money but also many ways that cost you nothing and are just as effective. Creating content through writing blogs is an example, you just need the effort and that’s it.

This is not just an active income. Money through affiliate marketing is not just trading your time for money. The work you put in to making websites and attracting traffic will constantly work for you, with multiple website and multiple affiliate links to multiple products you can have a lot working for your to give you several streams of income.

As long as you have an Internet connection once in a while to upload and edit your website / page / emails or whichever you choose then you can literally work from anywhere you want whenever you want. If you are planning on driving most of the traffic by writing content then the majority of your work hours you don’t even need an internet connection, you could be sitting at the beach writing offline or even just on a notepad and then put it online later.

Earning potential is massive, at the start the earning is tiny and slow, but eventually it can be huge. Your work that you have done doesn’t disappear once made so it will build up so there is basically no limit. You could earn £0 a month or £50,000 a month every month. Personally coming from being a mechanic this meant a lot to me, in my previous job no matter how much effort and work I put it I would always be limited by simply how the industry worked.

Affiliate marketing is a skill in itself, it is a long term business, not a short term idea. This does mean it can be fairly stable but also means you can learn a lot too and have access to that learning everywhere on the Internet or books. There are many programs as well that you can join that provide this training (sometimes for free) all in one place and let you manage everything to do with your affiliate business all under one roof. These also give the advantage of networking with other people doing the same thing as you and people further up the ladder too, this is a great source of advice. Personally I use Wealthy Affiliate ( Click here to see my review, and sign up links ) for this, at the beginning I knew nothing and has taught me everything I know so far.

You are the one in control, not your angry boss, not your colleagues, no one but you! This puts you in charge of your success and pretty much anyone is able to start affiliate marketing. This is point is also something I am really excited about.

You can choose any products to become an affiliate marketer for, whatever your hobby is there will be a supplier out there with an affiliate program for you to sign up to! The internet is a massive place so the chances of you not being able to find a suitable affiliate program that has the right products you want to promote is tiny and since there are over 3 billion users on the internet, any niche will have potentially enough traffic to make a good income from. Anyone can give it a shot, no experience required!

Any questions or comments, please leave them below!


Is the Wealthy Affiliate Worth it?

My first post here with this website, I’m going to take you through my review of Wealthy Affiliate and give you feedback of what you get from signing up.

First things first though. I am not part of Wealthy Affiliate but I am a Premium member, I have been signed up for around a month and this is my complete honest review coming from the perspective as someone with no prior knowledge in this field.

If you did decide to join Wealthy Affiliate after reading this through one of my links and also became a premium member I would receive commission but this is entirely honest and if you have any questions at all then please feel free to leave a comment or question and I will get back to you.

As well, if you do sign up, even as a free member, I will be in contact so if you have any other questions later on I will try to do my best to help out. Fancy link to sign up

Presuming you know the basics off affiliate marketing (if not, I will write a new post soon on how it works) lets start!

Initial Thoughts as a Newbie

I was a complete novice about affiliate marketing or basically anything to do with being online really, so everything was strange as I started.

The first thing you notice is Wealthy Affiliate is set up more like a social network than anything else, which is actually great as you can always get help easily from someone who knows what they are doing.

Literally everything, aside from the affiliate deals which you choose, is presented to you with in the network which I will go over each topic in a later paragraph. The biggest benefit for inexperienced people of this though is that you only need to learn how to use this one network instead of several and all the tools and tips you would otherwise not be aware off, are all shown to you.

If affiliate marketing is an idea that scares you because it is something you have no idea about then do not be afraid, in terms of training and support, this walks you through the beginning steps so all you need to do is follow some videos and use your laptop/computer mouse the way the videos have done. Everything is explained.

Also, a main point in trying this network if you are new, nothing to lose! You can sign up for completely free, no time limit, just limited access but still easily enough to get a feeling of whether you think it is for you or not. Later on you can become a premium member if you wish which works out around $49 per month if you are USA, but you can pay an annual fee instead which works out at $359

Some Quick Fact

Training: 9.5/10

Support: 9/10

Website Building: 9/10

Research Tools: 9/10

Independent Information: 9.5/10

Sign-up Process: Very easy


The training is mostly provided through many steps of different topics, called levels. Each step is usually a page of information to read through and a video which walks you through how to apply the information for yourself, it is all very well taught and easy to follow for anyone, though for someone with experience they may find it pretty slow.

You will be taught how to build your own website and promote any affiliate products you chose, or even to promote Wealthy Affiliate (kind of like I am here). The choice is completely up to you, and if you need help to choose, there’s plenty advice on that too. You can basically choose any topic and make it work with affiliate marketing, after all the internet is huge.

Being a free member, this is also limited but enough to give you a good idea of whether you think it is for you or not.


Support can be done through a “Live Chat”, “Site Support”, private message or by creating your own post for other to see and answer you.

I have personally asked quite a few questions and had good responses for each one and usually get a reply within minutes other than a couple private messages. You really can’t get stuck when all you need to do is ask here.

That said, what I did find fairly difficult was the process of signing up for affiliate programs (once you choose your product to promote, you sign up to the suppliers affiliate program of your choice) There wasn’t much ready advice on this as Wealthy Affiliate realistically can’t provide details for how to sign up to every affiliate program out there so I will let them off for this one, and again with the great support you can at least ask a couple questions to get a helping hand.

Website Building

This is something I have nothing to compare against really so can’t give much good details, but what I can say is all you need to run your own website and own your own domain is all provided within wealthy affiliate. They use word press and all related issues with websites are all kept in a websites tab so all you need to do to edit, create or build new websites are all in one place where all you need to do is remember your details for Wealthy Affiliate

If building a website seems daunting to you then that’s exactly how I felt, don’t worry, it is all explained in the training and even I found this easy. It’s actually an extremely quick and simple process yet you still feel you have learned a useful skill afterwards

The fancy plugins and so on to optimize your website for traffic and make things look like a professional are all included and how to use them and why is also explained.

Research Tools

Another feature which is incredibly useful to new people like me.

Getting your website to come up in millions of people search results in Google, Yahoo, Bing takes work and there are ways like using specific “keywords” to achieve this as easily and efficiently as possible.

All the techniques and tools are provided in one place and explained to get you just as good as the experienced people without years of training.

Independent Information

What I mean by this is information available to you that isn’t coming straight from Wealthy Affiliate. Just like what you are reading right now.

After all, you would expect a product to get a good review from the people who made it, so independent searches are always a good thing.

So Worth Signing Up?

In my opinion, of course, if you are serious or even just curious about making a residual income then why not? You have nothing to lose as you can start as a free member and as there is no time limit, whenever you have time you can check it out to really find out if it is for you or not. A link is included at the end of this text to sign up. That was will give you a better idea than any review on the internet

Affiliate marketing is no get-rich-quick scheme, but the money can be great potentially and the work you have previously done keeps on working for you once you have made it. It does need effort and a fair bit of writing blogs like this one you are reading but that’s something you get used to. Me personally find the time to do this when I would normally just be scrolling through Facebook or so on.

The only drawback with affiliate marketing is it takes a while to get to the part where you start making money, but even as a newbie this time is minimized as much as possible by using the training and great platform at Wealthy Affiliate, you can learn from the experienced people at the top so you don’t need to make the mistakes people without that experience commonly do.

Overall if you are looking for ways to make money online, affiliate marketing is a legit way to do this, and using Wealthy Affiliate will give you a sizable advantage from the start and on wards.

Even if without the money, it is a new skill and trade that is learned.

Give it a shot here to see for yourself!

Affiliate Disclosure

About Me

Welcome to my “About Me” page, thanks for checking this out and hope you enjoy!


For the majority of my life since school I have been frustrated with my work life. I’ve definitely not enjoyed being paid a set wage for the amount of work I do, regardless of how much effort or actual work I get done.

On the flip side of this it showed me I wanted a work project that was dependent on me and almost only me, and has hopefully led me on to this.

After school, although doing very well, I chose not to go to university. Instead I chose an apprenticeship to become a mechanic. Soon in to it I realized the apprenticeship was just being surrounded by people who complain a lot doing repetitive simple work that I had already learned at home working on my own car, No sufficient learning here

The college side of my apprenticeship was pretty easy, the course itself was actually a step down from school and was 30 multiple choice questions that, if you had an interest in cars, you would probably know most of them anyway. Soon it became obvious that in comparison to what I wanted, mechanics had little theory to study or to learn, which is what I had been looking for. To be a good mechanic you need to understand the basic theory but have that backed up by good training and experience in a garage. This is not what I felt I had.

Later on I decided to quit the apprenticeship and jump straight to motor sport engineering. Using my work from school I could start from were I would if I was a fully qualified mechanic. Almost a year on, the course I had an unconditional offer for was dropped, and being the only course of it’s kind in the country I had to make a quick career change.

Now concentrating on events work I was working within a nightclub/bar and a concert hall as well as studying sound production at university. Great, even though I was a complete newbie I was working smaller hours and earning more than I would expect to earn after all the training as a mechanic, plus I would come out with an honors degree and proper work experience. Win win

3 years on now and there has been some complications, I was offered a job in a garage, which I accepted (being stubborn I wanted to finish off the mechanics course, while working with events in my spare time thinking the experience would be worth as much as the bit of paper saying I had done a university course)

After quitting university for this new mechanics job, the offer was the taken away by a member of staff higher up the company chain. Annoying as they had approached me and offered me it, otherwise I would have stayed at university, I was taking a pay cut to go back to mechanics and was doing just fine)

After all this I just bit the bullet, got another job in a garage and finished the course. Hated it and was a very poor use of my time but it’s something I will have that I won’t lose.

But looking back at it, I literally picked a job that I have to do 50 hours a week on £8 an hour when a could of did 40 hours a week on £15 an hour in a higher paid similiar trade, both were offered to me and one offers more money for less work (that’s just how some jobs are, it’s life) I have now started thinking how far you can take that? What is the most money you can get for the least work/effort that doesn’t involve relying on other people to limit your achievements or drop your university course or so on?


This got me looking in to many forms of work that would give me a good income and also a lot of free flexible time. Its clear you can’t achieve this being paid by the hour, to really be free from your work you need your work to continue earning after you have created or completed a task.

A quick read on the internet and there’s millions of ways to do this and also millions of scams. But still many legitimate ways to get this type of passive or residual income. This is not a life hack, scam, massive money quick opportunity or anything like that, it’s simply the one of the most efficient ways to make money I could find in my opinion. I want to share this with people to prove it. No need to spend any of your own money either.

Affiliate Marketing


As said before I want to prove to people that the idea of you working every so often and then that work continuing to make money for you is real. Plus this can be done from anywhere you want, providing occasionally you get an internet connection, with no massive investment from you involved.

Hopefully through the content to come in this website I can help you to try to get involved and create this income as well.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,